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Supporting your application of Human Factors in Healthcare

Pregnant Belly

Prioritised to certain groups

If you are on maternity leave (any ethnicity), or a non White-British female, I (Lauren Morgan) will prioritise you for any mentoring options (free of charge). I strongly believe in developing equity, diversity and equality in our systems of work, and am committed to playing my part in helping this happen. Do get in touch to discuss how this could work for you. Don't be embarrassed about asking for a free service, I've made this commitment and want to enable uptake. 

CIEHF mentoring

I provide mentoring to individuals wishing to gain Technical Membership, or Registered Membership and Chartered status.

Guidance on mentoring from CIEHF:

The mentor, in most cases a Chartered member of the CIEHF, agrees to offer guidance and support for the mentee. Becoming a professional member of the CIEHF is dependent on fulfilling a number of eligibility criteria, so working with a mentor does not by itself guarantee that this is achieved, but the mentor will try to offer as much help as they can. Whilst mentoring supports a mentee's career, it is not understood to include career support outside of human factors, for example providing work opportunities.

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