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About Morgan Human Systems Ltd

Working with you to bring the benefits of Human Factors to Healthcare

About us

We're a consultancy developed out of a passion for improving care in the NHS through thoughtful design and use of systems understanding. 

Our mission is to change the way Human Factors is used in healthcare, it is so much more than team behaviours. We want to see change in the design of systems underpinning our care processes based on evidence and insights. We believe Human Factors specialists have a unique skillset that allow us to look at complex problems, and systematically analyse them to develop thoughtful solutions. We work in partnership with clinical colleagues every step of the way. Although we have experience across a range of healthcare settings, from surgery to mental health, GP to learning disabilities, intensive care to day surgery. We know that the real knowledge about how the system operates, and how best to keep it safe is held within the teams that work in it. That's why all human factors methodologies put the users of the system at the centre. 

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