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Human Factors for Healthcare

As care is becoming increasingly complex, the challenge to respond to the pressures and changes grows. 

We understand your challenges and embrace the complexity. With first-hand experience working with a number of NHS trusts and regulatory bodies, we can share that experience with you. We work in close partnership with your teams, building and supporting them on the journey, ensuring knowledge is embedded, to give your organisations the best chance of sustainable change. 

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Our founder

Dr. Lauren Morgan, C.ErgHF MCIEHF

My interest in healthcare started when my father fell from height and sustained injuries that required him to spend 6 weeks on his back. His observations about the processes or care built my interest in what I consider to be one of the most challenging, complex and rewarding industries to work in.


I am a Chartered Human Factors specialist, which means I studied Human Factors at University, and have continued to build my experience in applying human factors to achieved Chartered Status. I also have a PhD in human factors. 

I have worked across a variety of healthcare settings, observing within theatre, studying ward rounds, designing clinical IT systems, investigating incidents and training clinical teams in aspects of human factors relevant to their work. 

My experience in Human Factors gives me a tool set to study the clinical systems of work. What it also does is remind me of the importance of those working in the system. That's why I will always seek out those working in the system, learn from them and work with them on whatever the challenge is. 


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What we specialise in

Process mapping and reengineering

Training and development

System design

Data analysis and reporting


International Ergonomics Association

Human Factors is..."Understanding the interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the applied theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimise human well-being and overall system performance"

"The real benefit to us has been Lauren's willingness to deliver bespoke training to our staff, working alongside members of the safety team, to review and develop our supporting documentation and processes.

There has been so much more than simple training delivery, and it's your personalised approach that stands out for me. Your personal passion for improving quality of health service patient safety incident investigation is clear and shines through, alongside your professionalism."

- Dr. Ruth O'Dowd

NCIC Associate Medical Director

"Thank you sincerely for a fabulous two days. Your knowledge and experience shines through"

- Anonymous 

Incident investigation course participant

"Lauren has an unerring knack for taking a complex situation, identifying the issues at the heart of it and presenting actionable advice in a clear and persuasive way that gets buy in from frontline staff and senior management alike."

- Dr. Tim Bonnici

Intensive Care Consultant, UCLH

"Lauren is a strong advocate for patient participation. She recognises the authenticity of involving patients and their families in safety research and investigation.

I personally value and appreciate every opportunity I have had to work with her in foregrounding the voice of patients and families. The safety world has much to learn from her."

- Dr. Dawn Benson

Education Lead HSIB

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